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RunAroundSound Emergency Vehicles

September 11, 2010

>>As featured in new and noteworthy in the itunes entertainment section (September 2010).<<

Now features USA & UK themes with different main graphics and siren.

RunAroundSound turns  your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fire truck/engine or a high speed pursuit car/cop car, the ultimate toy for children (or an executive toy for grown-up boys and girls).

The app encourages children to use their imagination and run around with the iPhone to put out fires and respond to emergencies and is the perfect role playing toy as children pretend they are a fire fighter or a police officer.

App Features:

  • Hold your iPhone like a steering wheel and hear the brakes and tyres squeal as you turn sharply and stop and go.
  • Hear the engine roar when your run around.
  • Put out roaring fires by touching the fire on the screen to direct the high-pressure water.
  • Realistic sirens flashing and sounds.
  • On screen authentic looking buttons to control the vehicles.
  • Highly customizable settings let you customize sound volumes, engine stalling, distance to run to fire, speed you have to run to accelerate and more.
  • iOS4 tested and high resolution App icon.

Fire engine:

  • Emergency phone call from fire controller with 9 response locations
  • Run with the phone to the fire (or shake it for the less energetic!) and hear encouragement from the fire controller.
  • Random distance to run to fire.
  • See the roaring fire when you arrive.
  • Put out the fire with water spray and direct by touch and button press.
  • Flashing siren and horn.
  • Shake up and down to sound horn.

Police Car

  • High speed engine, brakes and tyre squeal put you in hot pursuit as you move around.
  • 5 different siren sounds with on screen buttons to control.
  • Radio chatter with 10 different calls
  • Flashing siren.
  • Shake to play ‘pull over’ siren sound.

This application is intended to be the ultimate emergency vehicle toy for children and  grown-ups. Hope you enjoy it!.


Some screenshots from the game

September 8, 2010